"la" Claude and her spouse Normand
"la" Claude Gagnon

An animated visit
...Will be given by nobody but Mr. Normand Choquette, which is the best instigator that can talk to you about the magnificent work of "la" Claude.

"On this wonderful visit, I shall talk to you about the exceptional story of this barn, from the construction to what it has become today. I will also talk to you about the transformation from a barn to a workshop-museum and a home from recycled material that we undertook after buying it in 1990. Than I shall initiate you to mosaic which is on the floors, walls and are all creations of "la" Claude.


I shall invite you into all the rooms of the house: bathroom, kitchen, the indoor swimming pool, and to finish; the workshop. You may see the evolution on pictures, as far back as 1992. You shall also see paintings, and other ceramics on tables, and you shall have the pleasure of meeting "la" Claude at work, on one of her creations."

Visits :

Besides all visits, Normand also organizes special events, concerts...

Students        Students Students

He also greets schools, old age organizations, tourists and even passengers.

Young visitors

"la" Claude introduces the young into art groups. And to their greatest surprise, they realize different forms of art.

Drawing and painting Courses  also offered for the young from 11 years old and up.

Location :

The workshop-museum could also be rented for a business meeting, reception, conference, dinner anniversaries, meeting with friends, etc.

For reservation,
Call Normand Choquette     (450) 469-1148 

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